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ATFA Introduces New Money Trail Player Cards

Today, FactCheckArgentina.org ‘s “Follow the Money” campaign announced 4 new player cards.  Be sure to log onto factcheckargentina.org/followthemoney/ to download yours right away!

We’ve had a great response from our readers on the first set released last week, and ATFA’s new release is meant to continue the momentum around exposing corruption in Argentina.

This latest edition of player cards provides even more color on the Lazaro Báez network with our new Leonardo Fariña card:

Farina-EN-PSD   Farina Back

First, a special thank you to ATFA’s fans who inspired the Fariña card by making suggestions to our tip-line.  Please keep the tips coming! 

Leonardo Fariña is a real character with colorful stats, so he’s a great addition to any set of Player Cards!  A former employee of Báez, Fariña granted an interview about the Báez money-laundering network to crime-fighting journalist Jorge Lanata, which aired in April of 2013.  While working for Báez, Fariña secured hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for Báez from Banco de la Nación Argentina, the state-owned bank.

Fariña was indicted for aggravated tax evasion and money laundering in 2014.  But be sure to check out the great picture of his Ferrari!

Besides Fariña, check out the other cards in this new set, including:

 – The Ciconne Take-over, a great overview of Vice-Presidet Boudou’s takeover of this printing company that specializes in official documents.
 – Southern Securities, a New York based shell company linked to multiple Argentine corruption scandals.
 – Miguel Zacarías, ephedrine runner and close friend of President Kirchner

We hope you enjoy this edition of ATFA’s Money Trail Player Cards.  We have many more to come, and we hope that you’ll keep sending us your tips and great ideas too!