Fact Check: Argentina

958 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes ago


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CFK Loose on World Stage – Get the Hook!

Desperate for cash and seeking shelter from a series of avalanching investigations and the ever-expanding news coverage they’ve spawned, Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was reportedly hopeful her four-day China trip would “change the narrative” and showcase her talents as a successful diplomat and well-respected world leader…But, one imagines that even her ample ego would not have aspired to accomplish this, on Day 2, in “just 140 characters, or less!”

“Did they only come for lice and petloleum?” CFK, in Spanish, to her 3.52 Million twitter subscribers (retweeted more than 1,800 times as of this posting), in reference to 1,000 businessmen who attended a conference where she spoke.

Kirchner has indeed changed the narrative with her “incredibly insulting” Tweet that “mimicked the Chinese accent…replacing r’s with l’s”.  She might well be featured in future case studies at the famed Georgetown School of Foreign Service for how NOT to treat your host country.

Not only is Kirchner’s warped judgment now further on display for the world, as well as her Chinese hosts, but as the Business Insider observes, her faux pas doesn’t just represent cringe-inducing bad manners, it’s actually bad for Argentina’s economy.  Fernandez needs China.  Badly.  Since last year, Fernandez has been working with Chinese President Xi Jinping on a currency swap to get cash to her country and replenish Argentina’s notoriously low reserves.”

Kirchner’s Presidential spokesman, Alfredo Scoccimarro, may be desperately seeking new employment, or could be curled up in the fetal position somewhere on the periphery of official events.  Difficult to know.  What is certain is that he “didn’t answer his mobile phone or return an e-mail seeking comment on the tweets.”

It has been reported that Kirchner had earlier signed “15 agreements with Xi on issues ranging from nuclear energy to agriculture as part of her four-day state visit to the world’s second-largest economy.”  This blog continues to examine all available information regarding those China-centric agreements, and will shortly be expounding upon them here.