Fact Check: Argentina

958 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes ago


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Infobae Reporting New Argentine Justice Investigation into Kicillof – Marynberg Connections

Until now, the K in the “K money trail” has clearly referred to the Kirchner family.  But an Argentine prosecutor is advancing on what potentially could become a money trail of a different “K”.

As we have reported extensively here, Diego Marynberg has connections to shell companies and financial maneuvers passing through Panama, Uruguay, Russia, Venezuela and the United States.  Marynberg was revealed to be a crony of Economy Minister Axel Kicillof, and has been linked to a mysterious insider bond transaction with the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) only days before Kicillof intentionally took the country into default earlier this year.

Yesterday, Infobae reported that prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan is advancing apace in the federal investigation of both men and the transaction between them involving public funds that is described in the complaint.  Recall that the discovery of the alleged insider deal worth US$200 million by then-Central Bank President Juan Fabrega may have been the reason for Fabrega’s spectacular ouster, reportedly at the hands of Kicillof himself.

Did Fabrega uncover a spectacularly unethical maneuver by Kicillof and his staff behind the scenes?  And did Kicillof maneuver for Fabrega’s ouster in order to hide his trail?

Against a backdrop of almost daily revelations chronicling the depth of corruption by nearly every major figure of the Kirchner government – and the panicked scrambling to give themselves immunity from prosecution by the Argentine justice system – it will be very interesting to follow the developments of this investigation.  With so much already out in the open from the criminal complaint that was filed earlier this year, any journalist or independent researcher has plenty to start digging into.

Who knows what might be uncovered by Marijuan?  Or others.