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Fernandez Advises Argentines to Buy Durable Goods Not Dollars

Bloomberg September 11, 2014 By Daniel Cancel Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner advised her country’s citizens to buy durable goods with their pesos rather than U.S. dollars amid a surge in demand for foreign currency after a default. “You should invest in things you can touch and see, the rest is nonsense,” Fernandez said […]

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Criticism for Oyarbide and praise for Campagnoli in a U.S. forum.

La Nacion September 10, 2014 By Silvia Pisani WASHINGTON.- For different reasons, Judge Norberto Oyarbide and prosecutor José María Campagnoli, by name and by what they represent, first arrived at the Capitol of this city. The first was characterized as “the most corrupt judge in Argentina.” The second, as an emblem of the “reaction” of […]

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Cristina and ignorance

El Cronista September 9, 2014 By Roman Lejtman Barack Obama ruled out a summit with CFK at the White House and will only take a picture when they cross paths in the corridors of the United Nations. Obama does not waste his time and has already assumed that the Argentine president will not honor the diplomatic […]

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Warning from the European Union to the country over increasing sale of food products to Russia

La Nacion September 9, 2014 By Martín Dinatale It was a request and at the same time a warning. The European Union (EU) sent a letter to the Argentine government, demanding it “abstain” from “taking advantage of” the veto imposed by Russia on several European food products in retaliation for the sanctions adopted by the Europeans […]

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The Kirchnerist campaign financed itself with funds suspected of being laundered

La Nacion September 7, 2014 By Hernán Cappiello  | LA NACION The justice system has determined that at least a portion of the financing of the 2007 Kirchner campaign had an irregular origin. Three pharmaceutical companies that provided funds for the candidacy of Cristina Kirchner cannot justify where the money came from, according to an […]

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