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New Carlos Molinari Money Trail Player Card Featured in Clarin Today

Today, Fact Check Argentina released four new “Player Cards” as part of the “Follow the Money” campaign to expose money laundering within Argentina.  Check out our new set here in English and here in Spanish!

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Congratulations to this week’s addition to our Player Card series:  Aerolíneas Argentinas, Carlos Molinari, the Báez-Kirchner Hotel Deals and Banco de la Nación Argentina.

This week, we would also like to give a special shout out to real estate magnate and Kirchner confidant Carlos Molinari.  Clarin reported on our new card set today, and included a great picture of our Molinari Player card. Molinari must be extremely busy, because he is involved in at least 25 construction corporations in both Argentina and Florida.   Check it all out here.

Molinari-EN-PSD   Molinari English


On November 7, Molinari was indicted for his connection to the K Money Trail scandal and, according to news reports, could be sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Molinari also has strong connections to other players in the Argentina Money Laundering scandal, including Lázaro Báez and Leonardo Fariña.

News reports state that Molinari paid for Fariña’s wedding to model Karina Jelinek— the two are now separated and Fariña is doing time for his dealings with Báez.

Molinari’s son, Matías, has taken over the family’s flagship Real Estate Investments SA and was a business partner with Federico Elaskar.  In Miami, the two ran SGI Ventures LLC, which is part of the money laundering ring.  Stay tuned for our next set of player cards—the name Federico Elaskar might just pop up again; our tip line contributors seem to have a lot to say about him.

Want to find out more about the state-run money pit that is Aerolíneas Argentinas? Or the incredibly profitable and fishy Báez-Kirchner Hotel Deals? Or what about Banco de la Nación Argentina that both “safeguards” Argentina’s people’s money while apparently enabling Argentina’s money laundering?  Check out the Follow the Money page.