Fact Check: Argentina

937 days, 15 hours, 37 minutes ago


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New FCA Player Cards: Public Works Project Schemers

In following the Lázaro Báez Money Trails, it is evident that the construction mogul won many of the Argentine government’s public works projects, and gained significant capital from them.  This week’s set of Money Trail Player Cards focuses on the individuals that had a hand in deciding which company—or person—won the bids to develop public works projects.  Some of those individuals, and this week’s Money Trail Player Card series, include:

Exequiel Omar Espinosa, Former President of State-Owned Energy Firm Enarsa

Ricardo Jaime, Former Minister of Transportation

Fulvio Madaro, Former President of ENARGAS

Claudio Uberti, Former Head of the Órgano de Control de Concesiones Viales (OCCOVI)

Néstor Ulloa, Former President of Nación Fideicomisos

Perhaps most notorious of this group is Ricardo Jaime, Argentina’s former Minister of Transportation.  Thus far, Jaime stands accused in over 30 criminal cases, the majority of which stem from corruption charges.

According to public records, Jaime seemed to live on a salary of less than 10,000 pesos—or US $800—per month.  This is miraculous, seeing as how he lived in one of Buenos Aires’ most expensive neighborhoods, and owned a vacation home, a yacht and a private jet.  He must have gotten a steal…or something like that…

Jaime-EN-PSD    Espinosa-EN-PSD

Next up to bat is Exequiel Omar Espinosa, the former president of the state-owned energy firm Enarsa. Espinosa is linked to multiple cases of mismanagement and alleged bribery.  For one, Espinosa, along with a few Argentine officials, was stopped for assisting in an alleged scheme to funnel $800,000 from Venezuela into Argentina to fund Cristina Kirchner’s presidential campaign.

Espinosa was also investigated for overpaying for gasoil during his tenure at Enarsa, which created millions of dollars in losses and might have been part of a kickback scheme.

Speaking of kickback scheme, we also created player cards for individuals involved the scheme dubbed the Skansa Pipeline Scandal, and one for another individual that was involved in the Suitcase-Gate Scandal.

To find out more information about the individuals who make up this week’s series of Money Trail Player Cards, visit our website.