Fact Check: Argentina

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ATFA Leadership Releases Letter to OAS Delegates

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ATFA leadership Ambassador Nancy Soderberg and Ambassador Stuart Eisenstat sent a letter to delegates and Foreign Ministers of the Organization of American States (OAS) today.  Read the letter here.

OAS delegates are gathering to hear Argentina’s flamboyant Economy Minister Axel Kicillof, who flies into Washington today to speak to a special consultative session that, according to press reports (read here) is expected to focus on Argentina’s debt battle with creditors.

We expect a barnburner from Kicillof, but will he meet with creditors?  That’s the question.

Yesterday, Argentina’s creditors asked Kicillof to meet with them while he’s in Washington, but there is no indication that he will do so.

Rather than negotiating with creditors and complying with the court, Kicillof and other Argentine leaders seem to be waging a public relations campaign against U.S. courts and their creditors.  Last week it was the UN (source) and this week it is the OAS.

Meanwhile, the people of Argentina, pawns in Kicillof’s PR game, edge closer to default.